Post date: Nov 25, 2013 7:09:44 PM

We're back!

After a three year hiatus, NYCBSDCon is back on February 8, 2014 as a day-long event with the theme of "The BSDs in Production."

We are confirming a variety of speakers, and encourage potential sponsors to contact us at info AT nycbsdcon dot org to partake.

With a focus on the critical roles the BSDs do and can play in infrastructures, NYCBSDCon promises to be an important event for the technical community in the New York metropolitan area.

As with past NYCBSDCons, the cost will ensure the event is accessible and filled with an array of meetings and discussions reflecting the living breathing world of the BSDs.

The location will be Suspenders Bar and Restaurant located at 111 Broadway just above Wall Street in downtown Manhattan. The event has the entire facility reserved until the evening, and will be a self-contained conference with food and beverages onsite.

There is an array of hotels in Manhattan for those traveling from afar.